About Us


    In March of 1987, Crime Prevention Practitioners representing law enforcement and community groups in Western New York joined together to establish a formal organization that would assist in the establishment and promotion of crime prevention programs and services for the community at large.

    The purpose of the association is to establish and support a permanent network of crime prevention personnel who provide leadership, foster cooperation, encourage information exchange, and seek involvement from all segments of society to extend and improve participation and awareness of crime prevention programs throughout Western New York.

    The membership is comprised of law enforcement personnel and civilians from the Federal, State, County and Local Areas. The Canadian counterparts to these agencies also have  representative membership.

    The association (known as the CPA) now sponsors and supplies instructors and material for a state certified 40 hour crime practitioners course. Training seminars are held throughout the year relating to areas of need of the membership. The CPA is the lead agency in Western New York for the annual National Night Out Activities.    

    Members of the organization participate in numerous events such as crime fairs, demonstrations, lectures and security surveys as well as working with groups and businesses in their respective areas with Crime's Watch's and related issues.

    Further information can be obtained by writing or calling the association.